Galactic Teddy

Galactic Teddy 1.2

Labyrinth Game

Galactic Teddy is a modern take on the classic arcade game, Bomberman. The game's story is set on a peaceful planet that has been attacked by monsters who want to destroy it.

The monsters have stolen the planet's greatest treasure, the Light Stone, which protected the planet and all of its inhabitants, and have broken it into a hundred pieces and scattered the fragments all around the game.

You will be the planet’s best warrior, who has been chosen to search for all of the fragments and to return the Light Stone to its rightful place.

Your search will take place within a series of labyrinths that span many different planets. Galactic Teddy has 25 different levels and each one is more difficult than the last.

With textured 3D graphics, you are sure to enjoy playing the game in perspective view. There are 5 monster 'bosses' to battle against and a number of planets to play on.

Galactic Teddy is compatible with Windows XP and lower system versions, and it requires your PC to have Microsoft DirectX 8. 0 or higher prior to installation.

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